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Purge Policy for Colonial One Lustre Filesystem (/lustre/groups)

The Lustre filesystem (/lustre/groups) on Colonial One is subject to a periodic “purge” policy in order to ensure sufficient space remains available for ongoing cluster use. To accomplish this, larger older files will be periodically and automatically removed from the Lustre filesystem.


  1. An email notice will be sent out to the Colonial One Users list at least one week in advance of each pending purge cycle.
  2. Names and information of files subject to purge will be placed in /lustre/lustre-purge/ .
  3. On the first of the month (or the proceeding business day if the first falls on a weekend) purgeable data as listed in /lustre/lustre-purge will be permanently removed.


Files that have not been accessed in 30 days (as tracked by the filesystem’s ‘atime’ flag).


Users found attempting to circumvent this by artificially changing ‘atime’ values or by other means are subject to account suspension and file deletion.