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Debug Partition

The debug partition is intended for running interactive jobs, or for short-duration test cases (e.g., making sure your job scripts work correctly), and is not intended for general use.There are currently two nodes assigned to the debug partition, although this may change at any time:

  • node991 - GPU node. The hardware is the same as the gpu partition nodes (12x 2.0Ghz Xeon cores, 2x NVIDIA K20 GPUs )
  • node992 - 128GB CPU node, same hardware as nodes in the 128gb partition

Note that the max time limit on the debug partition is 2-hours, and you must specify a time limit for your job with -t as usual.If you wish to specify a specific node, please set the -w flag appropriately. (Either -w node991 or -w node992 to specify a specific node.)

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