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New User Quick-Start

The Hardware Specifications page documents the current cluster hardware.

Connecting to Colonial One

The login nodes, which should be used only for submitting jobs, file-transfers, software compilation, and simulation preparation are accessible as

The two current login nodes can also be directly accessed as or You can use SSH, or SCP/SFTP to connect. Globus is also available for file transfers using the gw#colonialone endpoint. An overview of registering for and using Globus to connect to Colonial One can be found here: GlobusSetup.

The SSH key fingerprint for all of the login nodes is 77:39:f1:fb:e4:6d:f4:38:bb:c6:ba:08:0e:b4:b8:e3. Connections to the login nodes are authenticated using your GW NetID and password.

Connecting to Colonial One (Windows Users)

We recommend using Putty & Xming for users connecting to Colonial One from Microsoft Windows. See the video tutorial below for a walk-thru on installation and set-up.

***New: The Mobaxterm SSH client is also supported on Colonial One and has integrated X11 tunneling support.