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New User Quick-Start

The Hardware Specifications page documents the current cluster hardware .

Connecting to Colonial One

The login nodes, which should be used only for submitting jobs, file-transfers, software compilation, and simulation preparation are accessible as Please note: Running jobs on the login nodes is prohibited and may result in account suspension.

The two current login nodes can also be directly accessed as or You can use SSH, or SCP/SFTP to connect. Globus is also available for file transfers using the gw#colonialone endpoint. An overview of registering for and using Globus to connect to Colonial One can be found here: GlobusSetup.

The SSH key fingerprint for all of the login nodes is 77:39:f1:fb:e4:6d:f4:38:bb:c6:ba:08:0e:b4:b8:e3. Connections to the login nodes are authenticated using your GW NetID and password.

Connecting to Colonial One (Windows Users)

We recommend using Mobaxterm SSH client which is support on Colonial One and has integrated X11 tunnel support. See the video tutorial below for a walk-thru on installation and set-up .

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