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COVID-19 Computing Information

Information sources for COVID-19 research support


Here is an overview of national High Performance Computing (HPC) and Supercomputer facilities available to researchers conducting research related to COVID-19.  

GWIT’s Research Technology Services (RTS) group is available to help at

While resources available will continue to evolve, please refer to the following national announcements:

The White House Partnership for Supercomputing Resources to Fight COVID-19. This unique public-private consortium, spearheaded by The White House, the U.S. Department of Energy, and IBM, includes government, industry, and academic leaders who have volunteered free compute time and resources on their machines.

The Open Science Grid (OSG) provides common service and support for resource providers and scientific institutions using a distributed fabric of high throughput computational services.  The OSG does not own resources but provides software and services to users and resource providers alike to enable the opportunistic usage and sharing of resources.  Key areas are Structural Biology, Community VO and High Energy Physics.

Folding@Home is a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, including the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins implicated in a variety of diseases. It brings together citizen scientists who volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers.

The COVID-19 High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium: "bringing together the Federal government, industry, and academic leaders to provide access to the world’s most powerful high-performance computing resources in support of COVID-19 research."

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