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Milestone Alert!!!

We’ve hit 4 million jobs on Colonial One!! Huge shout out to the HPC Support Team for your continued support and thanks to our researchers to who motivate the team every day !

Posted June 11, 2019


Colonial One & Hurricane Florence

In coordination with facilities, and the rest of the university we are monitoring forecasts and reports regarding Hurricane Florence as it travels towards the east coast . 

Please be advised: You can continue to submit and run jobs, however, if your job(s) are set to run past Thursday morning, once Hurricane Florence makes landfall, you could run the risk of your job(s) failing due to a possible commercial power outage. In the event that there is a power outage, Colonial One will remain off until conditions improve and become stable.
As of now we do not intend to preemptively bring down the cluster in advance of the storm unless we have a clear indication of a critical issue. We are currently working on datacenter preparations including potential remediation planning for power or the cooling systems. In the event of any outages the Colonial One Support Team will provide updates.  We thank you for you patience and cooperation. If you have any questions please email

More Information on Hurricanes and Other Resources

  • More information about Hurricane Florence is available on the National HurricaneCenter website.
  • Familiarize yourself with the terms that are used to identify a hurricane:
    • Hurricane Watch: A hurricane is possible within 48 hours.
    • Hurricane Warning: A hurricane is expected to arrive within 36 hours or less.
  • “Make a Plan” - Download GW’s Emergency Response Handbook:
Posted Jul 10, 2018

Globus Hosted CLI Deprecation

The hosted CLI (legacy CLI) is currently deprecated and support for it will be discontinued on August 1, 2018. The hosted CLI has been replaced by the native CLI application which has been available in production since April 2017.

Review Globus’s new blog post for details, including links to documentation and guides for using the new CLI application.

Posted Jul 10, 2018


Colonial One Outage Spring Break (March 13-18)

The Colonial One support team completed the second part of our two part scheduled maintenance series.The maintenance was from 8:00am Tuesday March 13, 2018 through 8:00pm Sunday March 18, 2018.

Posted Mar 19, 2018

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