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Globus Setup

Standard GW Single Sign-On

You can sign into Globus in the same fashion as your GW email.

  • In the top right corner of the Globus webpage click the log-in button
  • Look up the George Washington University under ‘existing organizations’ and click continue. 
  • Sign in with your netID (portion before in your GW email) and your email password.

Transferring Files

Click on 'File Manager'

For the Endpoint (or collection) name, enter Pegasus HPC Cluster. Your previously setup single-sign on will automatically log you in to the cluster. Once you click on that endpoint you will see all the directories for all groups that you are a member of.

NOTE: The only filesystem that you will see you can transfer too on Pegasus is lustre (/lustre/$yourgroup). 

Alternatives for Signing In:

Sign up for Globus

First, sign up for an account here: We suggest that you try to get your Globus username to match your GW NetID, but it is not a problem if they don't match. You'll need to validate your email address by clicking the link in the email they send you, and then you should be logged in successfully.


Single Sign-On setup

To synchronize your account with GW, and minimize the number of times you need to log in you can link your new Globus account to your GW NetID.

  • Go to (on the top right corner) $Your_Username, then 'Manage Identities'.
  • Click 'Add Linked Identity'.
  • Click 'Add Single Sign-On Identity'.
  • When prompted to select an Identity Provider, choose '!InCommon / CILogon', then click 'Proceed'.
  • You will be redirected to the CILogon Page, which lists a set of different universities participating in the CILogon service. Select "The George Washington University" from the list and click 'Log On'.
  • The next page should be familiar to you - this is the same single-sign on page used for your email. Sign in with your GW NetID and password.
  • You should return to a page with 'Your Globus account has been successfully linked to your InCommon / CILogon account and can now be used.', at which point this setup is complete.

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