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Colonial One is housed on the Virginia Science and Technology Campus in one of GW's two enterprise-class data centers and features the following:

  • Professional IT management by the  Division of IT, including 24-hour on-premise and remote environment monitoring with hourly staff walkthroughs
  • Redundant power distribution, including UPS (battery) and generator backup
  • Redundant cooling systems using a dedicated chilled water plant and a glycol refrigeration system.
  • Direct network connectivity to GW's robust 100-Gigabit fiber optic network

​Compute and Interconnect Capacity

Colonial One’s initial compute capacity features a total of 2,924 CPU cores and 1132,288 CUDA cores in the following compute node configurations:

  • 64 standard CPU nodes featuring dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.6GHz 8-core processors with varying ranges of RAM capacity (64GB, 128GB, and 256GB nodes) and dual on-board solid state hard drives
  • 79 CPU nodes featuring dual Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 2.6 GHz 8-core processors with 128 GB of RAM each
  • 32 GPU nodes featuring dual Intel Xeon E-2620 2.0GHz 6-core processors with dual NVIDIA K20 GPUs and 128 GB of RAM
  • 1 large-memory node featuring four Intel Xeon E7-8857v2 3.0 GHz 12-core processors with 2 TB of RAM
  • FDR InfiniBand network interconnect featuring 54.5 Gbps total throughput, with 2:1 oversubscription per compute node.

​Storage Systems

The Colonial One cluster has both a primary storage system and a high-speed scratch storage system connected to the Infiniband network fabric. Both are accessible throughout the entire cluster. Remote file transfer services are provided through dedicated login nodes. Additional specifications include:

  • Dell NSS primary storage with 120 TB of usable capacity
  • Dell/Terascala Lustre HSS high-speed scratch storage with 250 TB of usable capacity

Multi-Service Exchange (MSX)

MSX is a high performance virtual environment that provides virtual machines with direct access to a 100GB network infrastructure.  It is integrated with the high performance high capacity cluster, Colonial One, located on the GW Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC).

Construction and launch blog

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